September 18, 2007

This website is down, permanently.

I have made a decision to discontinue this website. It was not an easy decision to make, but after all these years of belonging to the Road Rover/Space Rover fandom, I feel its time to move on. I want to thank the many friends I have made over the years as well as the many fans of my stories. I appreciate you all allowing me to entertain you for nearly a decade with stories and fanfics. The bottom line is, all good things must come to an end. I simply cannot dedicate the time or effort to writing fiction anymore. I do have a life outside of the internet and after writing over 200 different stories, I am just burnt out. I no longer have the will or desire to write these kind of stories anymore. Please do not e-mail me begging me to change my mind, because I won't and no, I am not going to turn this website over to someone else to administer. It is important for me to make a CLEAN BREAK with the many worlds of fiction I helped to create and nurture. I now understand fully why so many long time members of the fandom decided to leave and shut their websites down on the way out.

All of my characters will remain my own. Those wishing to use them in any NEW works of fiction or use them in any NEW artwork must contact me FIRST to get my permission and follow the guidelines I will place on their use.

I feel the time has come for me to leave this part of my life behind, forever. The Road Rovers were an awesome cartoon, but their time has come and went. Warner Brothers doesn't even think enough of them to release the episodes on DVD, so there's no chance they will revive the series.

As I close, remember all the good times we have shared together. No one can take those memories away. I'm not abandoning my net friends completely, Although I no longer have chat capibility (thanks for NOTHING, MSN!), I will still have my e-mail open. For all of my fans, I thank you for your support. Special thanks to Dylan and Rebel Lonedog for all their help with the website over the years. Thanks to all of the artists who honored me by drawing my characters for the Art Gallery.

Farewell, folks.

Live long, and prosper, y'all!

Computer Dinosaur