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July 5, 2002

Welcome to my NEW NEW site! A very, very special thank you to Amtek for creating this new site for me! So, THIS will be the new home of the Computer Dinosaur's Homepage!


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! I have decided what to do in the interim as I am moving into this new site. Since my OLD SITE is still up, anyone wishing to read my older stories can go THERE to read them. I will begin posting my NEWER stories here, until the transfer is completed.

Construction Update! The transfer of stories is ALMOST complete! When everything is moved to this site, I will close down my FortuneCity site

New Fan Art from Rebel (Kristen Coughlan) in Fan Art section!! A big THANK YOU to Dylan for my new page icon!!!

Main Menu -- Short Stories and MORE!!

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All characters, situations and stories in the 'Dinosaur Journals','BirdWorld','Renegade Files' and 'The Adventures of Wayside Charlie' sections of this website are exclusive copyrights of me, Robert Baer Jr, as is all of my original Poetry in the Poetry section. All 'fanfic' characters in the "Space Rover", "Otto & Sam","Buford's Collie Squadron","Bird Rovers","Amos Doggie","Space Rover Kids","Lost Pack","Space Rover - Zeles","The DixieCats","DogStyle","Rover High School","Road Rover E.U.F.","Inspector Zima" and "Space Rover - Galatea" stories which are NOT already copyrighted to Warner Brothers or copyrighted to their respective creators (as designated in the forwards of the stories themselves) are my (Robert Baer Jr's) copyrighted characters.

At present, this website is under CONSTRUCTION. Please visit often.